Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to reboot Ubuntu if you're in a sticky situation

I got into this very stickey situation when trying to run a windows application in Ubuntu using wine.

The particular app was the game; Need for Speed Underground. The moment I ran

wine speed.exe

the screen went into a sort of low-res mode. I came into some cases where the entire screen was filled with the game and the keyboard did not respond. I could not exit the game. So I needed to close the window, but nothing was responding.
The computer would not respond to CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

I came from a Windows history and that SUCKED! Everyone obeys CTRL+ALT+DELETE.! How can not Ubuntu do that!?
Then I found in a comment in a ubuntu forum the magic keyset to reboot Ubuntu and used that to reboot the PC out of the complication.

You hold;
keep holding that...and press these keys one by one;

The PC should restart.
Works on 15.10. If it worked in your version please add it in the comments.

Note: If you're on a laptop like me, you will need to press Fn+(Some key like END) depending on your keyboard layout to get to the PRINTSCREEN key.
So laptop users hold CTRL+ALT+Fn+(key with PRINTSCREEN written) and then press R E I S U B.

Anyway, these settings were able to solve the issue and the game runs in a window under these wine settings;

Wine settings for running NFS in window mode
Cheers. Hope the first post is good enough and nobody gets their fingers cramped :)

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  1. Oho! So this is where you have landed from Glad to know that you too keep company with the penguins, Ubuntu at that. But a laptop? Is it your main rig? That, I cannot forgive. Cheers mate.